Strategy + Technology Management Consulting
The core of what we do...

Incremax can help align IT with corporate strategy to better drive business goals with effective IT investments.

IT organizations need to cover their 'run the business' tactical activities, which often require a large percentage of their budgets. To get the most from your investments in IT, it is critical that the remaining IT portfolio aligns to corporate goals and that the business is present to effectively partner with IT to move forward together. A strong partnership between business and IT is a requirement for a modern organization. A review with executive leadership, corporate IT and Incremax senior strategy consultants will help align IT capabilities and budgets with corporate strategy.

Incremax’s approach is to assess corporate strategy, business drivers and needs along with IT capabilities and spend to determine an effective way forward. Definition of future or desired state are determined along with roadmaps to drive alignment. The current portfolio is assessed to ensure it aligns to the roadmap and that key resources from both the business and IT are available and allocated to drive success.

With today’s pressures it is critical that organizations get the most from their investments in IT and that they are aligned to the best in modern management and capabilities. Are you positioned as well as you can be?